Jørgen Mikael Andersen was born in 1958 in Nykøbing Mors. Since 1984, Jørgen Mikael Andersen has continuously worked on oil painting, photography and music.

He started as his artistic career as a graduate student at the Aarhus Academy of Arts and continued at the vocational school, where he entered his children's shoes as a painter at Mogens Gissel. Later he was admitted to the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated as a painter at Anne Thorseth, whose education took the color wreath very seriously, and where Jørgen Mikael Andersen quietly built on and developed his completely unique approach to the painting.

For Jørgen Mikael Andersen, the painting primarily deals with color,fleet and rhythm, and these three basic elements are staged on the image surface so that the images appear porous and often airy. The color is applied in thin layers of brushes of diferent sizes, and the underlying white ground plays a crucial role in image perception, as it is activated as an abstract negative space that matches the positive spaces of the painted surfaces.

Many of Jørgen Mikael's images are abstract and appear as myriads of color dots, dots and lines that are organized according to impentrable logic. Some resemble some form of organic nature, others radiate a bubbly musical energy and all are spontaneous and released in aesthetic sense without ever giving up on the primary intention: to be painting frst and foremost. Jørgen Mikael Andersen often works very long on his pictures, cultivates the diverse, rhythmic and coloristic, and then utilizes the versatility of the gray color in his nonfgurative or semi-abstract images.

Based on Joseph Albert's theory of colors, he is absorbed by the marvelous by the physiology of the eye: its ability to perceive colors and form optical imagery (so-called halos) in the consciousness and on the retina. He wishes with his paintings to stimulate and activate the viewer's eye, through the actual color efect, to create new inexhaustible readings of the painting. Jørgen Mikael Andersen says "It is my ambition that the images can be experienced on several levels: like rhythms, after pictures, representations and colors - optimally combined and infnite variations ...... I see parallels between music, breath, composition and painting, and I try to create states in my pictures, as on a subtle abstract plane, let the viewer recognize these elements and recognize their relationships. " Thus, the images are a form of 'nature' - in corporal, musical and visual sense - and each image depends on the actual eye that considers it and especially of how deep and intense the viewer is immersed in the image. The more time in front of the image, the more luminous optical complementary colors will be in play and the more vibrant and eccentric and ambiguous will the image be expressed - and the deeper is the aesthetic efect.

Trine Rytter Andersen project manager, art writer and curator (spring 2017) www.trinerytterandersen.dk